The German-Russian war that began on 22 June 1941 brought destruction to Vaivara.

Through the centuries the Vaivara region has many times found itself in the thick of military action, and traces of war can still be seen in these parts. The oldest extant military structures date from the Great Northern War at the beginning of the 18th century, the end of the tsarist period and the era of the first Estonian republic. The most widely known though are the battles of the Tannenberg Line fought in the summer of 1944.
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Did you know ...?

It is a lesser known fact that before the world wars, Vaivara used to be a popular summer resort – a true Mon Plaisir for visitors in the tsarist era. Although its summer houses were destroyed in the war, the sandy beach, the high coastline and the three hills looming blue in the distance (known as Sinimäed) are still there today.

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Here you will find information about the historical and natural sights, tourist attractions and tourism enterprises in the Vaivara region. The map will help you keep your bearings. Come and enjoy a wonderful experience!

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